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sidemount SANDWICH complete system
Availability: on request
Our sidemount was developed for diving in cold waters where there is a need for sufficient ballast for compensating your dry suit and undersuit. And also for cave divers for comfortable transport of b...
295.64 EUR
244.33 EUR w/o VAT

Availability: Store: < 10  pcs
Circular style wing for diving with doubles. STREAM RING 20 was designed for diving with double tanks from 2x7-2x12 and stage. Due to the small profile, along with sufficient lift, this wing is especi...
242.00 EUR
200.00 EUR w/o VAT

STREAM 20 Lite
Availability: Store: < 10  pcs
SPECIAL DISCOUNT Lightweight model of classic wing for doubles. The same double-shell construction but the cover is made of lighter material Cordura 1000. The inflator end-piece is made of high quali...
186.16 EUR
153.85 EUR w/o VAT

sidemount DIAMOND complete system
Availability: Store: last 2  pcs
DIAMOND side mount diving system was developed and tested by the best Czech cave divers, used during our explorations on Yucatan. There are three inlet/outlet holes, each of them can be used either fo...
345.00 EUR
285.12 EUR w/o VAT