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sidemount systems

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sidemount DIAMOND complete system
Availability: Store: > 10  pcs
DIAMOND side mount diving system was developed and...
345.00 EUR
285.12 EUR w/o VAT

sidemount SANDWICH complete system
Availability: on request
Our sidemount was developed for diving in cold wat...
295.64 EUR
244.33 EUR w/o VAT

backplate SANDWICH complete
Availability: Store: < 10  pcs
Complete set contains of- 2x stainless-steel 3 mm ...
158.76 EUR
131.21 EUR w/o VAT

wing for sidemount SANDWICH
Availability: Store: last 2  pcs
The wing from SANDWICH set. It comes out from RING...
136.52 EUR
112.83 EUR w/o VAT

wing for sidemount DIAMOND
Availability: Store: last 2  pcs
Wing for our sidemount system. It is DIAMOND shape...
374.20 EUR
309.26 EUR w/o VAT

weighting system for DIAMOND
Availability: Store: > 10  pcs
This weighting system contains of 6 separate pocke...
72.44 EUR
59.87 EUR w/o VAT

harness for sidemount DIAMOND complete
Availability: Store: < 10  pcs
Complete harness for sidemount DIAMOND.INCLUDED in...
163.84 EUR
135.40 EUR w/o VAT

sidemount back pad
Availability: Store: > 10  pcs
Additional rear part of backplate for attaching th...
42.36 EUR
35.01 EUR w/o VAT

tail pocket DIAMOND
Availability: Store: > 10  pcs
Useful piece of equipment for sidemount divers whi...
90.60 EUR
74.88 EUR w/o VAT