Business Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions(GTC) govern the relationship between the seller, the company Planteko, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) (hereinafter the "Seller") and customers of Planteko, spol. s r.o. (hereinafter the "Buyer(s)"). The Buyer is obliged to get acquainted with Warranty Claim Policy and General Terms and Conditions of Sale before ordering any goods from Planteko, spol. s r.o.


I. Definition of the Seller and the Buyer

The Seller

Planteko, spol. s r.o. with its seat in U Mlyna 12, 66451 Kobylnice, Czech Republic, is a company registered at Registration Court in Brno under Section C, insert 3923.

The Buyer

  1. End User – at the initial stage of business relationship the End User will hand over to the Seller its contact data necessary for execution of the order, or any additional data the Buyer wants to appear in the bill of sale.
    Legal obligations between the Seller and the Buyer not specified in these GTC are governed by the Civil Code Act No. 40/1964 Coll.
  2. Distributor/Dealer – at the initial stage of business relationship the Distributor/Dealer  will hand over to the Seller the documents related to legal facts pertaining entrepreneurs (copy of  Trade Register Entry, valid Trade Authorisation, VAT  registration). Distributor is obliged to continuously update these data.
    Legal obligations between the Seller and the Buyer not specified in these GTC  or in  any Contract between the Seller and the Buyer are governed by the Commercial Code Act No. 513/1991 Coll.

Individual contract with the Buyer supersedes the General business Terms and Conditions.

The Buyer is aware of the fact that by buying the products offered by the Seller he gets no right to use registered marks, business names, companys logos or patents of the Seller or other firms, unless it is agreed otherwise by a special contract.

II. Confidentiality and protection of information

Seller declares that all personal data are confidential and will only be used for the execution of the contract with the Buyer and these data will not be made public or provided to third parties etc. with the exception of data needed for transportation of the goods or the method of payment concerning the goods ordered (use of  name  and shipping address).

III. Price lists

The Seller reserves the right to change prices at any time without previous notice. The on-line e-shop prices are always up-to-date.

IV. Order processing

Buyer will get the goods for the price valid in time of the order. In case the ordered goods are goods on special order or goods, which are not available in stock, the Seller will confirm to the Buyer by phone/e-mail the price and the date of delivery. The Seller is entitled to change this price in view of actual situation on the market and depending on the foreign currency exchange rate development. If the Buyer does not agree with such a change he has an option to cancel the order.

Orders can be placed in the following ways:

  • by means of electronic shop (hereinafter "e-shop")
  • by email on address

Seller recommends to the Buyers to make their orders via electronic shop or in writing (e-mail) and to state the following data:

  • commercial name and the seat of Buyer
  • commercial ID number and tax ID number, if registered as VAT payer
  • code and description of goods as shown in price list
  • unit price of goods ordered
  • method of shipment
  • shipping address
  • signature of a person entitled to order goods
  • all other data that buyer considers important

V. Withdrawal from the Contract – only for end users

(does not apply for wholesale partners)

If the Buyer can not return the goods in its original condition or their value has been already lowered (the goods were used), the Buyer is obliged to make a financial compensation to the Seller in accordance with the stipulation of  ¤ 458 Coll. 1 the Civil Code – in practice it is done by in the form of set-off against the sales price. The sales price is paid back to the Buyer reduced by the respective amount.

Withdrawal from contract in case that the Buyer did not collect the goods personally in the Sellers retail shop (goods were delivered via parcel service):
According to Act No. 367/2000 of 14th September 2000, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of delivery provided he did not order the goods personally and it were delivered via forwarder. If the Buyer decides to withdraw from the contract within this time limit, he must meet the conditions listed below:

a) To send a letter (preferably by e-mail) with the text: ăAs for my part I wish to withdraw  from the contract dated DD.MM.YEAR ( Invoice number) and I request for the sales price to be refunded at  the bank account number:................". Date and signature.

b) To deliver the goods on the Sellers address with a copy of the above mentioned letter enclosed.

c) Goods sent and delivered on the Sellers address must be in original packaging, undamaged, complete(including accessories, warranty certificate, manual, etc.) and with a copy of the bill of sale. Do not send goods on cash collection delivery basis – it will not be accepted. We recommend you to insure the goods. If any of the above conditions are not adhered to, the Seller has the right to reject the returned goods or reduce the value for which the goods will be accepted back.

d) The possibility of withdrawing from the contract does not apply to I) delivery of goods or services the price of which depends on financial market fluctuations not controlled by the Seller; II) delivery of goods which was modified upon the Buyer's request or goods ordered specialy and specifically upon the Buyers request which was not available on stock at the time of the order.

e) If all the above conditions for returning of goods are met your money for the goods will be send by a bank transfer (or through Paypal refund - due to new Paypal conditions all refunds will be lowered by 6%) on your account in 30 days after the goods have been received by Planteko at the latest. Cash refund or Postal payment order is not accepted.

f) In case some of the above mentioned conditions is not fulfilled we can't accept the withdrawal from contract and the goods will be returned to the Buyer on the Buyer's expense. The Seller is entitled to charge the Buyer with additional expenses incurred.

VI. Payment Terms

a) Proforma invoice (advanced bank transfer) - after choosing this method of payment we will issue a Proforma invoice and send it to your e-mail address. The Goods are shipped upto 3 working days after your payment is credited to our account.

b) Paypal payment - only available to REGISTERED End Users; (due to new Paypal conditions all refunds will be lowered by 6%)

Dealers/Distributors please use the "Proforma invoice/Bank transfer" button during the orderding process.

VII.  Terms of delivery / Methods of Shipment


We always keep a stock of offered products, therefore we are able to despatch more or less immediately after the payment is credited to our account.

Shipment YES or NO

If your delivery address is within Europe and parcel up to 30 kg please choose "Delivery by Seller". You will see the freight on your Order confirmation.

For non-European countries - we are able to delivery worldwide. The price of shipment will be calculated individually.

Methods of Shipment

a) Goods can be send to the Buyer (from European country) by a shipping company PPL / DHL. The price of transportation is set in current price list valid for the day of order. Bellow prices are indicative only and may vary due to current exchange rate between CZK and EUR. Bellow prices are VAT inclusive.

Parcel to ↓→ 20kg 30kg ETD
SK, PL, DE 13 EUR 16 EUR 2-3 w/d
AT, BE, BG, DK, EE 24 EUR 25,2 EUR 3-5 w/d

* For deliveries outside EU we will have Export documents issued by Customs, cost of this service is 20 EUR. Delivery outside of EU may also be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Any such additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you. You should note that customs policies vary widely from country to country. These additional charges will not be refunded at any circumstances.

Before accepting the shipment from the forwarder the Buyer is obliged to check the state and condition of shipment (number of packages, intactness of tape with companys logo, damage of box) as per the accompanying delivery note and to refuse to accept incomplete or damaged shipment. Damaged or incomplete shipment must be reported without any delay to e-mail address  Damage Protocol has to be signed with the forwarder and sent via e-mail to the Seller. If the Buyer accepts the shipment by signing the documents of the forwarder, he has no right to make a subsequent warranty claim on the damaged or incomplete shipment.

VIII.  Warranty

Conditions of warranty on goods are governed by Sellers Warranty Claim Policy and by legal regulations in force in the Czech Republic.

IX.  Final provisions

These General Terms and Conditions are effective as of 1.4.2013 and supersede all previous provisions and practices. The Seller reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions without previous notice.

IX. Security and protection of personal data


When handling personal data we agree to abide by Act No. 101/2000 Coll. About the personal data protection.

Data protection declaration
Planteko, spol. s r.o. company, provider of internet shop, declares that all personal data are strictly confidential and they are handled in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. No personal data are released to third parties.

Which data do we collect?
For the realisation of business transaction we need to know your name (eventually the company name, commercial ID number and contact person), address (billing and shipping), phone and e-mail contact. Further we file all your business transactions with us.

What are the data used for?
All information in e-shop are accessible without the need of entering any data – business conditions, prices, product's details, reviews etc. For the realisation of business transaction and the delivery of goods we need to communicate with you and to know the above mentioned data. These we will receive from your registration after you approve and submit it.

How can you  influence the existence of these data?
After logging in e-shop you can edit or delete these data. (It is not possible to edit invoice data due to accounting reasons). If you want to delete your registration and you haven't bought anything from us just send an e-mail on

Edited: 1.1.2022

These business terms are set in accordance with and are governed by Act No.40/1964 Coll. Civil Code, as amended by Act No. 136/2002 Coll. And Act No. 320/2002 Coll., further Act. No. 634/1992.