sidemount systems

harness for sidemount DIAMOND complete

Complete harness for sidemount DIAMOND.INCLUDED in delivery-...

154.81 €
In stock: last 1 pcs
Code: 2102
sidemount back pad

Additional rear part of backplate for attaching the sidemoun...

43.13 €
In stock: > 10 pcs
Code: 2206
sidemount DIAMOND complete LARGE

DIAMOND side mount diving system was developed and tested by...

539.28 €
In stock: last 2 pcs
Code: 1902
tail pocket DIAMOND

Useful piece of equipment for sidemount divers which will st...

95.13 €
In stock: > 10 pcs
Code: 2219
weighting system for DIAMOND LARGE

This weighting system contains of 6 separate pockets, where ...

71.48 €
In stock: < 10 pcs
Code: 2002
wing for sidemount DIAMOND L

Wing for our sidemount system. It is DIAMOND shaped wing, it...

361.16 €
In stock: last 2 pcs
Code: 1912

PLANTEKO, spol. s r.o. - DTD diving equipment has been designed by the best technical divers and has been tested in the most demanding conditions.
Including testing to extreme depths and in cave and wreck diving.

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